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Harry Menear|Jan 21, 2021|magazine

18 min read

How to break your smartphone addiction

Read NowFrom disabling notifications to amateur engineering projects, here are some of the latest ways to beat that smartphone craving

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Telstra, Ericsson, Qualcomm break 5Gbps 5G speed record

Telstra - in collaboration with Ericsson and Qualcomm - has achieved the world’s first 5Gbps download speed on a 5G network recorded using a single device

Harry Menear
|Jan 21, 2021|magazine

4 min read

Telefónica Deutschland to install OpenRAN at 1,000 sites

Telefónica Deutschland will roll out OpenRAN equipment across 1,000 mobile sites in Germany by the end of 2022

Harry Menear
|Jan 19, 2021|magazine

6 min read

Anti-5G conspiracies show no signs of dying down

Against all scientific evidence and common sense, the anti-5G movement is still going strong

Harry Menear
|Jan 18, 2021|magazine

18 min read

The top 10 telecom trends to watch in 2021

Mobile Magazine breaks down the top 10 trends set to define a potentially landmark year in the telecommunications industry

Harry Menear
|Jan 15, 2021|magazine

1 min read

Samsung launches new Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra

Samsung’s new flagships are some of the more affordable models the Korean tech giant has released so far

Harry Menear
|Jan 15, 2021|magazine

13 min read

Qualcomm snaps up CPU startup Nuvia for $1.4bn

US chipmaker Qualcomm is “augmenting its leading technology roadmap” with the acquisition of California semiconductor startup Nuvia.

Harry Menear
|Jan 14, 2021|magazine

6 min read

CES 2021: four innovations fighting the spread of COVID-19

As this year’s digital CES kicks off, exhibitors are falling over themselves to offer up new technologies aimed at reducing the risks of COVID-19.

Harry Menear
|Jan 12, 2021|magazine

9 min read

IDC predicts used smartphone market will grow 11.2% by 2024

A new report from IDC found that worldwide shipments of used smartphones reached 225.4mn units last year, and will grow to more than 351mn units in 2024

Harry Menear
|Jan 09, 2021|magazine

5 min read

Finding the ‘new normal’

E-commerce, the digital economy and finding a way past COVID-19

Harry Menear
|Jan 08, 2021|magazine

14 min read

5G broadband: shaping the future of the net

As ubiquitous connectivity becomes more important than ever in a post-pandemic world, 5G broadband is set to transform coverage for good

Harry Menear
|Jan 08, 2021|magazine

21 min read


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