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Nick Good opens up about company culture and the Virgin Values that steer working relationships and partnerships

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Nick Good
Virgin Media

Director of Partner Operations

Company culture is immensely important to Nick Good and is a high priority across the group, informed by the Virgin Values. These key tenets have adapted over the years, but remain central to how Virgin Media operates its business, interacts with clients and manages its own teams. Here, Good shares a few of his favourites and how treating people as people is fundamental to his partner network. 

“Insatiable curiosity, red hot relevance and being straight up, are very relevant. These are key to how we engage and manage our own people and in how we build connections, which is at the core of our company purpose. These are examples of how we want our people to act and how we think people should act with each other and with our customers externally. These values are what we aspire our people to live up to. And I think we can also see that throughout the entire culture of the organisation.

“And I mean connections, yes, in the technical sense in that we provide a cable network, but probably more importantly, in the cultural sense of understanding our customers are people. And in my case, for our partners, we have built a partner community based on that connectedness and those values, pretty much building it one partner at a time. 

“These values are lived and breathed by the whole company, you can see that from the executive team down through to the grassroots it really is taken seriously. These are borne from the heritage of the Virgin company that Virgin Media came from. That’s where that type of value framework comes from, and it obviously adapts, as everything does. So it changes now and again, to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date. But ultimately, these are beliefs and values that we've stuck to certainly for as long as I've been here.” 

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Being out with the partners, working with them and getting to meet the guys on the ground to really create those connections is vital

Nick Good | Virgin Media