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The top 10 eCommerce platforms

In the wake of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day, Mobile Magazine brings you the Top 10 eCommerce platforms

|Dec 4|magazine2 min read

On Black Friday, US shoppers spent a record total of $9bn online, a 21.6% increase over last year, according to new data from Adobe Analytics. On Cyber Monday, the trend continued, with Americans spending a staggering $10.8bn in the biggest single day of eCommerce that the US has ever seen. Outside the US, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day also blew past expectations with record sales totalling $74.1bn in a single day. This compares with $38bn in a 24-hour period on 11.11 in 2019.

Now, while those figures are definitely skewed by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures, it’s unquestionably a great time to be in the eCommerce game. The pandemic’s effects are predicted to have a permanent impact on people’s shopping habits, and online shopping is expected to remain high even after the successful application of a COVID-19 vaccine prompts economies to reopen and social distancing to be relaxed. 

This week, we’ve decided to bring you a breakdown of the Top 10 eCommerce platforms used to host your business’ online store, ranked by factors like ease of use and breadth of features.