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The Top 10 mobile app analytics tools for 2021

With powerful and accurate data insights becoming increasingly essential to a successful business, we’re bringing you the best apps for app analytics

|Jan 22|magazine2 min read

It’s been a few years since data surpassed oil as the most valuable commodity on the planet, and the results are beginning to show. Companies are investing billions into better ways to track, understand and influence consumer behaviour online. 

Google engineers have been focusing on intent-rich moments - when a customer is asked to learn, do or buy something. These “micro-moments”, according to Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of Marketing, are essential to enterprises that want to develop the kind of rich, experiential relationships with their customers that define a successful business. “To win hearts and minds (and dollars), marketers must be able to identify those micro-moments and act on them smartly,” she wrote in a report by the Harvard Business Review on using analytics to generate increased customer value. “They need data and analytics strategies that will show them both what consumers want in these moments and how to drive new and better micro-moment experiences for customers.” 

To better understand customer data, you need the right tools. This week, we’ve broken down the Top 10 analytics tools for understanding traffic across mobile apps.